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Dog Kegstands Plus The Wildest Photos From @SUNYPartyStory Twitter


The Brockport Police Department arrested Robert Yates of SUNY: Brockport for “torturing and injuring animals” after they saw a photo of the incident posted to the twitter account @SUNYPartyStory.

We’re guessing that most people have been to a party where someone tries to get an animal f*cked up–whether it’s blowing pot smoke into their ear, feeding them edibles, or pouring beer in water bowl. But this takes that sorry “party trick” to a whole other level. Even if it is a joke (we can’t find video evidence showing the dog actually drinking), it’s just a d*uche move.

Does this kid not have pledges he can make drink? Why bring the dog into it? All this animals done is been man’s best friend and here you go shoving a beer tap into its mouth. Really classy dude.

Speaking of classy, it seems like we’ve been sleeping on one of the craziest Twitter accounts out there right now, @SUNYPartyStory. Similar to @ASUConfessions (but truthfully a lot crazier), students of all the SUNY schools tweet at @SUNYPartyStory with photos of the blackout nonsense that occurs at their schools.

The moderators of @SUNYPartyStory then post the photos, credit the person who submitted it, and pick their favorite SUNY Party Story of the week.

We weren’t able to post all of them (because there are actually a lot of crazy motherf*ckers at the SUNY Schools) but let’s just say that we can confirm buttchugging is something that exists.

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