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Mayor Sells Oxy In Most Corrupt Town In America [VIDEO]


The small town of Hampton, Florida is so corrupt that the state is considering dissolving the town completely. So what does a town with 477 residents have to do to be the most corrupt city in the country? Well, being in Florida doesn’t hurt, but Hampton has really overachieved when it comes to widespread corruption.

A police officer known as “Rambo” would write bogus tickets while armed with assault rifles. Police wrote so many bogus tickets that it triggered an investigation. What did they do with that money? It’s unclear, but the police did charge over $100,000 to a convenience store near the police station.

It’s not just the police force that’s corrupt. The mayor was recently arrested and thrown in jail for selling oxycodone. While in jail he said that most of the people in his city are either stupid or crooks, but mostly they’re crooks.

So if you like bogus tickets and oxy sold from elected officials, go to Hampton, Florida before it’s taken off the map forever.

via CNN

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