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Lindsay Lohan on “Lindsay ” [SEE HER TONIGHT: SPECIAL GIF EDITION]


See Her Tonight

Lindsay Lohan on Lindsay

(10:00 PM EST, OWN)

We just want to say that your See Her Tonight column is really smart and is going to be watching Cosmos on the FOX network tonight, and we even got all of the brainy references in our Neil DeGrasse Tyson meme tribute, but we’re still really excited about the bigger stargazing that comes with the debut of the Lindsay Lohan reality show.

That’s because Lindsay‘s opening episode promises one of the great train wrecks of all time. The idea, of course, is for OWN network head Oprah Winfrey to help Lindsay Lohan leave behind her troubled starlet days for maturity and enlightenment. The punchline in the opening episode is that Lindsay immediately decides to find that enlightenment by moving to New York City–where, you know, she’s always been on her best behavior.

We’ve already heard lots of good gossip about how Lindsay’s show is going to offer up lots of drama. Seriously, that’s kind of respectable. We’re sure Lindsay put lots of pressure on the OWN execs to present a glossy press-kit of how Lindsay Truly Has Her Act Together. It still seems that Lindsay is going to offer more hard truths than we were expecting.

So if Lindsay is going to show you some wild Lindsay action, then we can at least do the same. Go ahead and enjoy these joltin’ GIFs that’ll remind you of both Lindsay’s talent and sex appeal. We suspect Lindsay will remind you of other things about her. But if you want to be prepared, we also recommend our Top Ten Pics of Lindsay Looking Strung-Out, or maybe hot pics of her work with a porn star

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Amazing “See Her Tonight” Gals!

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