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Victoria Azarenka Loses At Indian Wells, Still A Winner To Us [PHOTOS]


Tennis star Victoria Azarenka had a pretty dramatic lost today to upstart opponent Lauren Davis at the women’s singles competition in Indian Wells, California today–but, you know, the former #1 world-ranked player was coming back from an injury, and it looks like the old foot injury flared up, and you can’t blame Victoria for just having a competitive spirit, and, furthermore, she still looks just like Victoria Azarenka.

So aren’t we all really winners today? We think so, since COED sure needed an excuse to update our gallery of one of our favorite tennis gals. The really great thing about Minsk, Belarus’ greatest competition to tennis is that she provides the sport with a sexy symbol who’s also a serious player. That’s as opposed to hot tennis stars who become sex symbols without being really great athletes, and then people look at guys weird when they suddenly become big tennis fans. Cough, Maria Sharapova, cough.

Actually, to be fair, Maria Sharapova would probably humiliate any COED staffer on the court. She sure couldn’t handle Victoria Azarenka, though–although it’s only been six months since Serena Williams beat Victoria Azarenka in the finals at the U.S. Open. We’re happy to have hot pics of Serena for guys who like Serena Williams. Even if she didn’t make our list of last year’s Hottest Women of Wimbledon.

We try to cover all the Sexy Women of Tennis here at COED, whether they’re winners or losers. Or, in the case of  Victoria Azarenka, winners who just happen to have the occasional bad day. Now take a look at Victoria’s incredible form and start having a great day yourself…

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