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Lindsay Lohan & Jimmy Fallon In “TONIGHT SHOW” Water War [VIDEO]


Lindsay Lohan guested on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night to promote her upcoming OWN network reality show Lindsay, and she didn’t say anything too weird, so that was a resounding success. Of course, it helped that Jimmy Fallon took up a lot of her segment time with a round of Water War. We know a little something about talk show production, and are pretty certain that a producer had something like this to say: “We need to cover our asses because Lindsay Lohan is just going to ramble on about her fabulous ┬ánew life and be a boring interview, so let’s whip out the kind of thing that we usually reserve for opening guests.” (In last night’s case, Liam Neeson.)

Anyway, the bad news is that the producers gave Lohan’s camp a warning, so she came prepared in a heavy top that wasn’t going to become see-through even if Jimmy Fallon turned a hose on her during the game. Which would’ve made for a fun end to this video clip. Instead, we end up seeing through Fallon’s dress shirt, and Lindsay seems like a good sport. She may have even been self-aware enough to realize it was pretty funny to take the selfie of herself and Fallon before the game. Anyway, enjoy the video, and just be grateful that it’s not Lindsay Lohan doing the same thing with Red Bulls to whoever runs into her in a New York City bar after 3 am.

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