Lena Headey: Her 30 Sexiest Pics As She Sails Into "300" [PHOTOS]

There’s some debate over the merits of 300: Rise of an Empire here at the COED offices–but that’s nothing compared to the debate over the two gals who really count in the cast. In fact, there are barely four women in the new 300, and only two of them have proper roles. We’re big fans of 300 star Eva Green, but let’s really use this 300 as an excuse to ogle the fine body of work that is Lena Headey.
She’s become a pretty big name in recent years, but Lena Headey is still kind of a cultish gal–even if she was in the original 300 back in 2006. That was the British babe’s proper introduction to American multiplexes after a busy 1990s becoming a star in her homeland. Some fantasy fans had already seen Lena in the 2005 big-screen bomb The Brothers Grimm, though. A few lucky guys had also caught Lena fulfilling some fantasies as a lesbian all wrapped up in Piper Perabo in that same year’s Imagine Me & You.
It took a few years, but Lena got another shot at American stardom with the lead role in the FOX television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The show got a lot more acclaim than actual viewers. Things still worked out just fine when Lena joined HBO’s Game of Thrones as Cersei Lannister. That show’s been great for her–and the recent big-screen Judge Dredd movie made great use of her as a scarred villainess who was still plenty sexy.
Lena also won plenty of fans in The Purge, where she pretty much got to steal the show at the end of the movie. Now she’s the biggest star in 300: Rise of an Empire, since Dark Shadows didn’t do that much for Eva Greene. Get ready for Lena in 3D with these thirty thrilling pics that’ll do a lot for you…













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