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Laura Prepon: 35 Sexy Pics For Her 34th Birthday [PHOTOS]


Laura Prepon is turning 35 years old today–that being March 7, 2014–and she has to be feeling pretty good about her career. There was a long stint when the striking redhead from That ’70s Show seemed to be floundering after her FOX years. The statuesque redhead got some pretty bad career advice (in our humble opinion) when she ditched her hair color for blonde in an attempt to avoid any typecasting from her long stint as Donna Pinciotti–ignoring the fact that Donna Pinciotti¬†was really our type.

You might notice that Mila Kunis didn’t ditch her brunette beauty after the show, and things worked out fine for her. Laura Prepon didn’t have the multiplexes waiting for her post-’70s career, though. She’d already bombed in a nicely kinky role in the moronic college comedy Slackers back in 2002, and Hollywood didn’t know what to do with an Amazonian beauty. Laura made a nice try at shaking up her image by playing female serial killer¬†Karla Homolka in a 2006 movie, but nobody really got to see her showing off her range. She didn’t have much better luck with the short-lived 2007 television drama October Road.

Things looked good for her turn as an ersatz Chelsea Handler in the 2012 sitcom Are You There, Chelsea?, but that ended up as a surprise flop. We still maintain that had something to do with her going blonde. Fortunately, things worked out just fine with the help of a little lesbianism. Laura went brunette to play a convicted drug lord in Orange Is The New Black and found a whole new audience–with her character of Alex Vause reunited with old lesbian love Taylor Schilling in prison. So it’s a very happy birthday for Laura Prepon, and a pretty good day for guys as we compile the hottest pics of Prepon, along with alluring stills from plenty of her riveting roles…

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