The Girls (and Some Cars) of the Geneva Motor Show 2014 [PHOTOS]

We don’t get out often enough to the Geneva Motor Show. Actually, we’ve never been, but now we’re thinking that it’s definitely an important destination. We’re not just talking about big automotive events like miniature Jeeps and innovations in hybrid cars, though. It turns out that there’s a worldwide tradition of hot gals posing on beautiful machines to lure in the guys. And we hate to think that we’re the kind of guys who’d miss out on a good lure.

We like the sleek lines and brilliant design of these international models, too. Lucky visitors to the upcoming New York International Auto Show get to see Miss COEDs like Krista Ferguson. We didn’t know that the Geneva Motor Show 2014 could offer the kind of hot hostesses to rival our own American-born babes. Your motor is about get running over a really spectacular mix of ladies, too. We dare say that the Geneva Motor Show has a more diverse mix than the New York International Auto Show–and that thing is international. It says so right in the name.

So settle in for a truly international tour of beautiful women showing off beautiful cars. And there are also some cute dogs. Nothing wrong with liking dogs, but we’ll understand if you check out the ladies first. So start cruising past some really sexy sights…

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