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Shia LaBeouf (And “Nymphomaniac”) Banned In Turkey [VIDEO]


Shia LaBeouf Nymphomaniac

Lars Van Trier’s Nymphomaniac: Volume I is scheduled for release in American theaters March 6th.  But the film–featuring graphic, actual onscreen sexual intercourse–has been banned in Turkey by the country’s Cinema General Directorate. Which is a little bit of a concern to us, because COED loves our many readers in Turkey. Hey, guys. Sorry to be passing on the bad news.

Anyway, the CGD  initially wanted to cut the offending scene. Then they probably realized that without the scenes, there was no movie left—and this is just the first installment of a lengthy two volumes. In the end, the board deemed the entire film “unfit” for Turkish audiences, and accused Von Trier of “pushing the boundaries of porn.” And to any man who’s been online for a while, that’s really saying something.

The film first made waves when news broke that the big-budget and fairly mainstream affair would include footage of Shia LaBeouf—that is, Sam Witwicky from the Transformers franchise—engaging in some genuine penile-vaginal with co-star and all-around libertine Charlotte Gainsbourg.  It’s been reported that during the casting phase, Van Trier requested photographs of Shia’s junk; the star did one better and submitted a series of sex tapes made with his girlfriend. Because apparently, that’s the sort of thing LaBeouf just has lying around.

To those familiar with Van Tier’s work, none of this ought to be too shocking, as the filmmaker has a reputation for favoring the explicit.  It’s him we can thank for getting Kirsten Dunst to bathe full-frontal in the glow of an alien planet in Melancholia; his Manderlay gave us a clear shot of Bryce Dallas Howard’s birth canal; and his Antichrist–also starring Gainsbourg–was a sexual horror sure to make any woman skittish around scissors.

In addition to Labeouf and Gainsbourg, Nymphomaniac—the most reviled porno in all of Turkey—also features Hollywood mainstays such as Christian Slater and Uma Thurman.  No word yet if any of the above will someday make appearances in Hustler’s acclaimed Who’s Nailin’ Palin? series. Meanwhile, let’s check out one of the few SFW videos from the movie. This all looks innocent to us…

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