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Shailene Woodley Gets “Divergent” In Her Sexuality (Get It?) [PHOTOS]


Shalina Woodley is out to push Divergent, and the gal has got our attention by coming out in other ways. She’s just explained to the Hollywood Reporter in an interview that, “I fall in love with human beings based on who they are, not based on what they do or what sex they are.” We’re very glad to hear this. Partly because we’re tired of women judging us by the things we do. That’s pretty unreasonable.

Also, we’re going to run with this quote and add Shaline Woodley to our list of our favorite bisexual celebrity gals like Amber Heard¬†and Bai Ling. That’s an important honor. Shaline needs plenty of support, too, since Divergent is a very important movie for the rising star. It’s her first big lead, and she’s starring in a movie that’s trying to claim a lasting franchise worthy of the Twilight Saga. A lot of similar attempts (like The Mortal Instruments and Beautiful Creatures) have really bombed at the box office. Divergent needs to break a pretty long losing streak.

Also, Shailine could stand some revenge for getting edited out of Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Mary Jane Watson. That was a pretty lousy move by Sony. Shailine certainly deserved better. The former star of The Secret Life of an American Teenager has grown up into a fine actress–as seen by her recent work in The Spectacular Now and The Descendants.

Shaline also got an MTV Movie Award nomination for The Spectacular Now in the Best Kiss category–alongside costar Miles Teller, which reminds us that Shaline might sincerely like both gals and guys. Nobody really noticed when Shaline and Miles gave an interview that strongly implied the two had sex onscreen during that movie. We have pics from that film, of course, plus plenty of other shots that are sure to give you a Shaline of your own. Wait, that didn’t sound right…

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