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Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Photos: More Naked Than You’d Think


Nicki Minaj Shower instagram i

With all due respect to Randy Jackson, there are other American Idol judges we’d prefer to see topless.  Mariah Carey?  Certainly.  Paula Abdul?  Eh… we’d check that out, we guess.  For now, we’re happy to make do with pictures of Idol alum and rapper Nicki Minaj, posted via Instagram direct from the star’s shower.

Nicki Minaj Shower instagram 1

To say that anyone is “naked” would be to imply that they aren’t wearing anything in the way of clothes.  But to say that Minaj, of all people, appeared naked is to suggest a great deal more.  We’re accustomed to Nicki in her weird sex-clown attire, typically in a blonde wig, a thick layer of eye shadow, and her signature blazing pink lipstick.

Nicki Minaj Shower instagram 2

But in the photos surfacing last night, she looks to be wearing quite literally nothing; her lips are a healthy shade of reddish-brown, and her wet hair is as black as nature intended.  And the really good part: her breasts are as plump as ripe berries.

Nicki Minaj Shower instagram 3

Some men seem to go for the Minaj we’re too used to, with a color-blocking makeup aesthetic reminiscent of a Warhol portrait (admittedly, for those of us watching from behind, it’s not so much the face that grabs our attention).  But last night’s photos finally revealed that beneath all the gaudy war paint is a damn fine looking woman.

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