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Katy Perry Might Have Dumped John Mayer Over This Gal [PHOTOS]


John Mayer has hooked up with plenty of hot gals, but we thought the crazy kid was ready to settle down with Katy Perry. Now the couple–who were close enough to spark plenty of engagement rumors–seem to be having some serious problems. We kind of assume that rock stars all have open relationships, but it’s looking like a 24-year-old spin instructor named Lauren McHale might be the gal who’s managed to break up this dynamic duo.

Mayer usually sticks with really famous girls, so we were a bit surprised by this. Lauren McHale will be one of the more anonymous names on Mayer’s long list of ladies. She may not be as rich as Perry, but we’ll concede that she’s definitely still hot. McHale and Mayer reportedly met at a party in LA, and we can’t blame the guy for (allegedly) hitting it after the two hit things off so well.

And we don’t want to seem all jaded, but shouldn’t any gal dating John Mayer assume that she’s instantly in an open relationship? Even Miley Cyrus got to go on Twitter and tell Katy what’s up.

Now we’re wondering if Katy Perry is the new Jennifer Aniston. Will she ever actually find true love? Not if she keeps dating dudes like Russell Brand and John Mayer. Meanwhile, John Mayer is starting to look like he’s the George Clooney of the rock world. We still have a lot of respect for Katy’s big talents and amazing breasts and sexy moves–but for now, let’s take some candid looks at Lauren McHale…

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