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Selena Gomez’ Boobs Get The GIF Treatment [15 GIFs]


Selena Gomez Boobs

She wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award, but Selena Gomez still got plenty of attention on Oscar Night. That includes the bad (like all these articles about Selena partying too hearty) and good (like all these articles about Justin Bieber still pining for his perfect pop princess). Personally, we’re just convinced that Selena’s unfortunate work as a tough gal in Getaway cost her a Best Supporting Actress nominationĀ forĀ Spring Breakers. The artists at the Academy are sensitive about that kind of thing.

Selena Gomez still looks to have a promising 2014 at the movies. She has a serious rock ‘n roll drama coming up with Rudderless, and then what might be a more playful rock ‘n roll movie with Behaving Badly. The best thing about Behaving Badly is that Selena can just say that she was promoting the movie if she’s caught getting high again over the next few months.

And then there’s the little matter of our favorite Selena Gomez movies. We prefer her work in short films. Really short films, that is, that repeat frequently after a few seconds, and that showcase Selena’s amazingly emotive curves. Won’t you join us in a friendly little film festival that highlights Selena’s impressive body of miniature movies? We think that you’ll find it very inspiring–although we should warn you that it’ll also have you feeling some empathy for Justin Bieber pining away for his former gal. Selena must really be a great actress if she can invoke those kinds of emotions in evil guys like us…

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