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HUVR Hover Board Hoax Spoiled By “Funny or Die” Costume Designer


huvr board hoax funny or die

It hadn’t even been a full day since the viral campaign began—featuring Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens, Moby, and Doctor Emmett L. Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd—for a Back to the Future II-style, real-life hoverboard. We’d sure had some fun speculating about what it all meant.

Then a lowly costume designer dashed our dreams. Having been privy to the makings of the online sensation, an unnamed participant bragged of her newfound notoriety via her online resume. The posting was deleted, but it’s been archived:

Lauren Biedenharn resume

So, according to Lauren Biedenharn, the organization behind the hoverboard promos was not, in fact, the enigmatic HUVr company; rather, the whole thing had been a bit devised by none other than Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die comedy outfit.

In that less-than-24-hour period, comments on social media ran the gamut from “Please, God, let this be for real” to a more grounded “Okay–what are these clips really trying to advertise?” (See, that was us.) In response to the former: sorry, total hoax.  As per the latter: no word yet on exactly why Farrell and company decided to tease us so.  Had the whole thing been, as has been suggested, a bit of prankvertising for the 2015 release of Nike’s “Marty McFly”-style self-lacing shoes?  Or does Farrell really have the finances, the time on his hands, and the sadistic streak to just mess with our heads? The answers, we’re sure, will be forthcoming shortly, as Funny or Die is left to contend with the supposedly unanticipated spoiler.

In the meantime, Will, could you at least invest a portion of your fortune into flying DeLoreans?  2015 draws nigh. And now let’s relive our lost HUVr Board dreams one last time…

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