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PeepsOut Nightlife App Launches at SXSW in Austin



SXSW hits Austin, Texas this week, and for the first time, the SXSW conventioneers–and the fine folks living in Austin–will have access to PeepsOut.comone of the internet’s best little tricks for a great night on the town. brings a delightfully anonymous live video stream service to bars and restaurants in various cities.  With 40 plus venues in NYC, their empire has expanded to Austin just in time to help the hoards of festival goers negotiate the crowded entertainment scene.  

Now tourists and locals can download the PeepsOut mobile app to check the vibe at various restaurants or nightclubs. Users can choose a specific venue or a general neighborhood to access a live look inside their potential destinations. Whether you’re looking for a wall-to-wall rager or a quiet night on the town, PeepsOut let’s you know-before-you-go.

Most importantly, PeepsOut lives up to their mission statement of being “delightfully anonymous”–meaning you can see enough to judge the crowd, but not be seen enough to be judged.  So if you’re heading down Austin way, make sure to add this mobile super-tool to your SXSW arsenal.  And for those of you who are not, check it out in your own city coming very soon.

Download PeepsOut for iOS Here

Download PeepsOut for Android Here

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