Jennette McCurdy: All Her Sexy Selfies, And More

Is it big news that Jennette McCurdy the beloved star of kiddie shows iCarly and Sam & Cat–has been caught in lingerie selfies that leaked onto the internet? We guess so, but your COED staff has been compiling hot Jennette McCurdy selfies ever since…well, ever since whatever year would make it totally cool for us to be collecting hot Jennette McCurdy selfies. She’s already 25 years old, guys.
She may have gotten her start on Nickelodeon, but Jennette has since moved on to bigger, more adult projects. She went on to star on the Netflix series Between and then also began producing projects that began utilizing her massive social media presence. She appeared on a variety of web shorts and starred in the psychological thriller Pet.
Not only is she an actress and singer, but she’s begun to dabble in writing as well. She’s really turning into a bit of triple threat here. She’s published articles in the Wall Street Journal, Seventeen and the Huffington Post. She’s written on everything from Shirley Temple to body shaming, as well as corporate culture and its impact on people trying to enter the entertainment industry. So, not only is she a really pretty face but she’s got a smart head on her shoulders. Don’t be surprised if she begins to become much more prevalent in today’s culture in the coming years.
Anyway, we’re really happy that everyone’s getting to enjoy a big internet scandal over Jennette, and she certainly deserves some attention after much of the spotlight being on her costar Ariana Grande . Also, Jennette is a lot more fun on Twitter.

Jennette McCurdy Bio

Full Name: Jennette McCurdy
Birthday: June 26, 1992 (age 25)
Height: 5′ 2″
Birth Place: Long Beach, CA
So we’re happy to break out our private stash of the selfies causing the internet brouhaha. Those are the first three pics in the gallery below, followed by 25 other sexy Jennette McCurdy selfies, and then a lot of other pics that’ll probably get you wondering what else you’re missing out on because you quit watching Nickelodeon back in 4th grade…

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