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Girls Gone Too Wild: Fat Tuesday Edition [30 PHOTOS]


GGTW Fat Tuesday

There are a few national holidays in the world of Girls Gone Too Wild–and we’re sure celebrating with today as Fat Tuesday. Yes, it’s that very special day where drunken gals pretend that they’re about to take a break from drinking with the advent of Ash Wednesday.

To the COED staff, of course, Ash Wednesday is a very busy day spent checking out the amazing debauchery that’s been posted to the internet during the night before. It warms our hearts to know that young gals are already slamming down the shots over in New Orleans and all the other bars having Fat Tuesday celebrations across America.

Those bars are grateful for the crowds, too. Remember how a bunch of evil snowstorms screwed up Valentine’s Day all across America? Fat Tuesday will make up for that–even if the bartenders had to wait a while. You might recall that last year’s Fat Tuesday was just a few days before Valentine’s Day. The only good thing about that was using our hangover as an excuse for not remembering Valentine’s Day.┬áThis year, we have Fat Tuesday coming awfully close to being an adjunct to St. Patrick’s Day. It’s always fun when that happens.

Anyway, we’ve celebrated Fat Tuesday in the past as a fantastic Fat-Ass Tuesday and a wild Fat Boobs Day. Now we’re celebrating with a very special Girls Gone Too Wild Tuesday, as we look at the great gals who make the last day of Mardi Gras a true night to remember. Just check out these unforgettable pics….

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