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Emily Ratajkowski: In “Entourage,” Maybe SI Rookie of the Year [PICS]


Emily Ratajkowski will be making her big-screen debut in the upcoming big-screen version of HBO’s Entourage–which is particularly good news since she’s not doing too well on the Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year competition. That kind of surprised us, too. Voting’s closed now, but it would’ve taken some serious rallying from Emily Ratajkowski fans to really change the vote count when the polls closed.

But, like we said, Emily is probably perfectly fine with just being one of the hottest names in modeling through all of 2013. This year is getting even better for the lady, and now she joins Emmanuelle Chriqui in giving us four reasons to hand our money over at the Entourage box office. But, of course, we’re only kidding because we know that Emily Ratajkowski is also appearing in Gone Girl this year, and we know that a director like David Fincher isn’t going to cast some actress just because she looked good in a music video.

So let’s hear it for Emily Ratajkowski having a great day today, no matter how things go when the Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year is announced tomorrow. Besides, we could be wrong, in which case we’d be happy to apologize to Emily. In person. While holding a dozen roses and a box of chocolates and probably a wedding ring, because–unlike you heathens–we believe in love at first sight.

And speaking of love at first sight: Check out the following gallery of young Emily Ratajkowski back when she was starting out in her career, little knowing that things would work out so well. It all certainly worked out well for guys…

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