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E! Reporter Asks Mindy Kaling What Color She Likes In Guys… [VIDEO]


While Mindy Kaling, star of Fox’s The Mindy Project, first made a name for herself as superficial ditz Kelly Kapoor on NBC’s The Office, the real Kaling doesn’t bear so much as a passing resemblance to her breakout character. Like Amy Poehler or Tina Fey, Mindy’s no traditional Hollywood beauty, but wins huge hotness points for being so darned funny and smart.  And while The Office derived so much of its humor from the awkward and uncomfortable, a similarly iffy scene unfolded—more maudlin than comical—during Kaling’s Oscar night exchange with E! Reporter Alicia Quarles.

The topic at hand, ostensibly, was the parade of romances enjoyed by Mindy’s current character.  Quarles asked the starlet, “So who’s your type?”

“Who’s my type?  Good looking,” replied the sharp-witted Kaling for the save.  But there was no saving Quarles from herself when she followed up with this head scratcher: “Okay, so, any color?”

Wait, okay—did an E! correspondent really just ask a woman of Indian descent if she had a racial preference regarding men?  We’re trying to think of a comparably inappropriate line of inquiry; examples of such might include, “Mr. Clooney, Mr. Clooney!  Would you ever date an Asian?”  Or perhaps, “Miss Kardashian—is it true what they say, about… you know?”

Mindy, for her part, handled the weirdness as best as anyone might have.  So, any color?

“Yeah,” the ingénue laughed, and left it at that.

COED Writer