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Scarlett Johansson is Pregnant: Console Yourself With Pics [PHOTOS]


Scarlett Johansson Pregnant

Scarlett Johansson is reportedly pregnant–which is traumatic enough that we can barely think about how that happened, although the above photo might give us some idea of the details. You might think that most of us never had a shot with her, but our hearts still sank a little bit when the news of her engagement broke this past September Since then, we’ve been bitter as jealous ex-boyfriends as we’ve watched the happy couple snapped by the pap, unwaveringly crazy in love.  Today comes the news that their commitment has been cemented with a pregnancy.

We’re not entirely sure who fiancé Romain Dauriac is, other than perhaps one of the luckiest S.O.B.s on the planet.  Divorcing in Hollywood is just about as easy as getting Taco Bell drive-thru; this gave us starry-eyed deluded types a ray of hope to cling to—Scarlett’s marriage might go south, and she’d again be within our reach.  But nothing gets a woman to stick around like a baby, and Dauriac made one heck of a shrewd investment when he decided to ditch the rubbers.

So what’s left for us ScarJo superfans and our hopelessly unrequited crushes?  Well, given that Johansson is a babe clearly sculpted by the gods, we’re sure she’ll take the hot preggo thing to astounding new heights–so look forward to exploring that newfound fetish. But for now, let’s look back at some memorable moments that we’ll soon have to consider pre-MILF…

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