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Poor Leo DiCaprio Memes, Because Supermodels Aren’t Enough [GALLERY]


Leonardo DiCaprio Poor Leo Meme i

The above picture is supposedly a portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio made up of images of actors and actresses accepting their Academy Awards–which is supposedly funny because Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to win an Oscar, even though he’s turning 40 this year. Yeah. We can think of a several old actors who’ve died in recent years who wouldn’t feel sorry for Leonardo DiCaprio. Especially since the guy doesn’t have an Oscar, but does have a romantic history with the likes of  Kat Torres, Bar Rafaeli, and many more.

But the internet must have its fun, so here’s a reasonably accurate Top 10 of assorted cruel jibes passed around over Leonard DiCaprio not winning an Oscar for The Wolf of Wall Street–or Shutter Island, or Inception, or The Aviator, or Revolutionary Road, or The Departed, or Critters 3.

Laugh, clown, laugh, because we know that Leonardo DiCaprio still gets first look at just about any quality film production out there–as opposed to other actors who get sent scripts with DiCaprio’s fingerprints all over them. Probably the same with supermodels, too, which’ll make it even hard for guys to feel sorry for Poor Leo…

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