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Jessica Biel Oscars Photobomb: We Drop Hot GIFs For Her Birthday


Jessica Biel Anne Hathaway

What did you do the day before your last birthday? Yeah, Jessica Biel had more fun–mainly because it was the Academy Awards, and she got to go to the Oscars ceremony and then hit some parties and get photobombed by Anne Hathaway. And now she’s turning 32 years old today and probably waking up around 3 pm and marveling at how she got into the Academy Awards even though she only released one indie film last year, and that was after a disastrous 2012 that had her stuck in that Total Recall remake (where the high point was Kaitlyn Leeb) and a crappy romantic comedy called Playing for Keeps.

To be fair, Jessica also worked with Anthony Hopkins in Hitchcock last year with Scarlett Johansson and…um, Ralph Macchio. Plus, Jessica Biel is a former America’s sweetheart from her 10-year stint on Seventh Heaven that ended way back in 2006, and her life is probably great enough that she doesn’t even have to care that her last hot production was a David O. Russell movie that shut down production in 2008, right before Russell went on to direct other actresses to Academy Award nominations in Silver Linings Playbook, The Fighter, and American Hustle.

At least Jessica still has her work in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake from 2002. That’s when a lot of guys discovered that Jessica was all grown up. She made a pretty decent direct-to-video horror movie called The Tall Man back in 2012–even if it was a little weird to think that Jessica has entered MILFdom. She sure seemed to have a good time last night, though. So let’s wish Jessica a happy birthday and know that–no matter how her career goes–we’ll always have a fabulous body of work that’s generously given us GIFs like these…

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