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Jamie Foxx Took Daughter Corinne To Oscars: Here’s More of Her [PICS]


Jamie Foxx hit the 2014 Academy Awards with his daughter Corinne in tow, and it was pretty much an important moment like when Jean Claude Van Damme introduced his little girl Briana Bree to the world. That was at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, but we can’t really tell which awards program is more prestigious these days.

Anyway, it was a big break for Corinne, who’s just made her modeling debut with the Icing clothing brand for their Spring 2014 line. Corinne is certainly ready to spring out all over. We’re absurdly grateful to Icing for not Photoshopping out Corinne’s ridiculously cute freckles, and even more grateful to Corinne Foxx for continuing to show off her bod in a way that Icing’s fashions couldn’t manage.

Also, Corinne is the kind of gal who isn’t afraid to show off that she has an appetite…

Corinne Foxx Oscars Pizza Twitter

Corinne really loves her social media, so it’s not difficult to keep up with her via Twitter. We’re a little baffled to see that Corinne hasn’t already gotten into acting, but you’ll definitely get the impression that Jamie’s eager to promote her career–and maybe it’s for the best that Corinne is just enjoying her fabulous lifestyle, considering that she’s only 20 years old.

She seems like a lot more fun than other showbiz scions that we can name, and we’re also fond of how she never gets too glamorous. Check out these pics for yourself and get an introduction to one of the least-irritating showbiz kids out there right now–but, seriously, let’s hope Corinne is still needy enough for attention to do some lingerie modeling…

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