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Emmanuelle Chriqui Busts Out On The “ENTOURAGE” Set [PICS]


Emmanuelle Chriqui

We know that it’s not the Oscars or anything, but Emmanuelle Chriqui sure made some entertainment news by getting us excited about the upcoming Entourage movie. All it took was her posting a pic of herself on the set–which suddenly reminded us that there were two big reasons to get worked up over the theatrical film based on the HBO series.

In fact, now we want Entourage: The Movie in IMAX 3D–preferably with the titular entourage getting killed off in the first ten minutes, followed by Emmanuelle Chriqui dealing with her loss by going through a period of sexual experimentation. What we’re hearing is that her character might be pregnant in the movie–which would explain why Emmanuelle’s melons are thriving in ways that we don’t remember from the original series.

Actually, it’s been too long since we’ve watched Entourage. We’re going to check back on that series and very carefully examine Emmanuelle’s figure for any kinds of spoilers. We suggest that you do the same, as we spoil you with plenty of Emmanuelle’s photos…

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