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Ellen’s Oscar Selfie: Liza Minnelli Really Wanted To Be In It [PHOTOS]


Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie

You know who isn’t in that pic above? Liza Minnelli–who didn’t have a very good time at the 2014 Academy Awards. The former movie star (and Oscar winner for Cabaret back in the ’70s) was probably thrilled to get invited to the Oscars, even if it was mostly because of a strangely random tribute to the Wizard of Oz and Liza’s mother Judy Garland. Then poor Liza had to sit there while Ellen DeGeneres made a strangely cruel opening joke about mistaking Liza for a drag queen doing an impersonation of Liza Minnelli.

Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie Liza Minnelli

Anyway, Liza was still a good sport–but you have to feel sorry for her once you check out this selfie shot from behind. That would be Liza Minnelli straining to be seen in the electric blue outfit.

We don’t think Bradley Cooper deliberately cut off Jared Leto out of spite for just losing the Best Supporting Actor Oscar to the Dallas Buyers Club star. And we doubt that Bradly knew that poor Liza was straining to be part of Twitter history, as the Academy Award selfie quickly became the most reTweeted photo of all time. But now you know the behind-the-scenes story–and we hope that someone was around to drive Liza home afterwards.

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