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Celebrity Sideboob Oscars At the Academy Award Parties [PICS]


We had a fine time checking out the Academy Awards red carpet–but we must be some kind of yokels not to know that the real celebrity sideboobs came busting out for the after parties. We can’t tell you how impressed we are that these Hollywood gals would bother to change into sexier outfits after the Oscars. Of course, we’re also looking at some other celebs who skipped the Oscars for a viewing party. These ladies didn’t disappoint the photographers there, though.

So check out some amazing displays of cleavage from the expected (like the above Miranda Kerr, orĀ Heidi Klum) to the pleasantly surprising (like Reese Witherspoon). You’ll also see the likes of Brooklyn Decker, Shannon Elizabeth, Olivia Munn, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Kristen Bell doing their best to distract you from their beautiful eyes. We’d especially like to note that Irina Shayk changed outfits between parties, even though she didn’t have to stop by the Academy Awards. That’s real dedication to keeping the red carpet looking good.

Anyway, we think you’ll agree that we’re looking at a whole different level of competition here–and we highly recommend that the ABC network skip the Oscars next year and just show us the ladies partying in the aftermath. Take a look and see why announcing the Best Picture winner is really just the start of an awesome Academy Awards…

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