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Will Smith & Son Sweep The Razzie Awards


Razzie Awards 2014

The Oscars, as we all know, rewards excellence in cinema.  Conversely, the Golden Raspberry Foundation is out to call out crappiness in film, and they did just that at Saturday’s Razzie Awards.  Taking their due share of the top dishonors was father-son duo Will and Jaden Smith for their disastrous After Earth.

Jaden was awarded Worst Actor for his role in the film; at the tender age of 15, that’s got to sting, even if your dad is the Fresh Prince.  Old Man Smith won Worst Supporting Actor, and had “Most Ill-Advised Career Move” been among the categories, he’d have surely won that as well—Smith reportedly passed on the masterfully written Django Unchained in order to star in what’s got to be director M. Night Shyamalan’s most pitiful offering to date.

After Earth also scored a Worst Screen Combo award for Jaden and Will, bringing the movie’s total to three Razzies.  This tied it for the top spot with the raunchy sketch comedy full-length Movie 43, which netted Worst Screenplay, Worst Director, and—despite After Earth’s hot streak—Worst Picture.

While Movie 43 sported an endless cast of recognizably A-list stars, the Worst Director nod was officially crowned upon “the 13 people who directed,” while Worst Screenplay went to “19 ‘screenwriters.’”  When you’re working as an anonymous mob, it’s easy to escape blame.  We’re guessing the finger-pointing is a bit harder to avoid at the Smith household.

COED Writer