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The First Medical Pot Ad On Major Networks Is Kind Of Strange [VIDEO]


This ad made by the Medical Cannabis Network will air in New Jersey on networks such as Fox News, ESPN and Comedy Central. We’re all for medicinal marijuana, and we’re glad to see that it’s beginning to be advertised on major networks. Still, the Medical Cannabis Network probably should have hired a different ad agency.

The commercial makes a fine point. It might be nicer to get your pot from a website instead of a weird dude in an alley with a coat full of fish. We’re not sure how most people buy their pot, but it’s probably not from a guy who’s peaking around corners of a building. If they really wanted to move people away from pot dealers, they should have stressed that with their service there is no chance that a dealer will want to hang out and watch DVDs after he sells you pot.

via Gawker

COED Writer