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SNL Highlight Sketch: Dance Floor Killer [VIDEO]


Maybe the real high point of last night’s Saturday Night Live (as hosted by Jim Parsons) was the 12 Years A Slave audition tapes–just because the whole thing wasn’t an excuse to trot out the SNL cast members doing their celebrity impersonations. That was a relief. You can watch it here, and be grateful that somebody bypassed the hackery for a fun idea..

Anyway, at least there was this fine sketch that made great use of Jim Parsons as a serial killer. The guy can really nail the look. It’s also really exciting whenever SNL can take their usual lazy idea of adapting television shows and create a fun story out of it. It’s okay to complain that nearly all of SNL has turned into television parodies, but we’ll give some credit where it’s due here. And, seriously, someone cast Jim Parsons as a serial killer in a straight drama. He’d be great.


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