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Scarlett Johansson Does DAZED Magazine [PHOTOS + GIFS]


It used to be called Dazed & Confused magazine, but now the publication is relaunching as Dazed. They’ve found a good way to get our attention over that by bringing in Scarlett Johansson as their first Dazed cover girl. The magazine’s based out of the UK, too, so we’re a little jealous that they’re getting to see Scarlett in the upcoming Under the Skin before the movie gets released in America. That’s the upcoming film where Scarlett plays an alien who lands on Earth and decides to take over the body of a gal who looks like Scarlett Johansson–because that’s not the kind of Earthling that draws attention.

We’re hearing mixed reviews of Under the Skin, and we can only hope that it’s as good as Species or maybe even Lifeforce. Both of those sci-fi movies featured female aliens walking around naked for a lot of the running time. Anyway, Under the Skin is being released on March 14th overseas, and then we’ll get a chance to see it on April 4th.

Dazed goes along with the tie-in by asking their  photographers different questions about being a space alien. A photographer named Benjamin Alexander Huseby took the Dazed pics of Scarlett–but when he’s asked whose body he’d like to take over if he was a space alien, he replies, “Beyoncé–so I could get finally get those moves right.” We don’t think we look at the world the same way that Benjamin Alexander Huseby looks at the world.

But we like the way he looks at Scarlett, and we’re also pretty impressed with how the Dazed website is relaunched as an upscale arts & culture publication that can still get excited over guys like Harold Ramis. We’ll be checking out more of those–after we finish taking another look at our favorite sexy Scarlett Johansson GIFs…

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