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RIP To Leo’s Smoke Shack In Breckenridge, CO [VIDEO]


The location of Leo’s Smoke Shack was always a loosely guarded secret to people who wanted to blaze and ski at Breckenridge, CO. Built by locals, it was buried deep in the woods, far away from anyone who didn’t know where to look for it. It literally took me an entire weekend to find it, and I was really excited once I did.

Unfortunately, no one will ever be able to go there again because it got blow’d the f*ck up by TNT last week. Check out the video above.

Leo’s Smoke Shack was the subject of an episode of Inside Edition in which producers stumbled across some skiiers/snowboarders smoking weed in a smoke shack in Breckenridge (of which there are a few). After hearing about the existence of more smoke shacks, the IE cameramen followed a pair of skiiers to Leo’s Smoke Shack where they set up hidden cameras recording people smoking weed. Which they aired without blurring anyone’s faces out. You can see the whole segment below, but it’s an example of perhaps the worst case of journalistic hackery I’ve seen in a long time.

Thankfully, the two numbnuts who were openly smoking in front of cameras also didn’t have their faces blurred. I don’t think they’ll be welcome back in Breckenridge anytime soon.

Transworld is reporting that officials had already planned on destroying Leo’s this Spring, so the fact of the matter is that this might have happened anyway.

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