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Miley Cyrus Has Met Brooke Candy, Now See More Of Her [PHOTOS + VIDEO]


Miley Cyrus Brooke Candy

After having snogged Katy Perry onstage just this past Saturday, Miley Cyrus has apparently developed a taste for the ladies.  The one-time Disney Channel sweetheart’s most recent sad stab at sensationalism surfaced–as these things tend to–on Miley’s own Twitter account as a post of a photo (the Instagram sort, of course) of the former Hannah Montana herself exchanging saliva with yet another femme.

The picture itself looks like a Polaroid taken at a rave in the 1990s, with Cyrus, mouth agape, drooling on the face of a heavily-tattooed peroxide blonde who looks to be rolling on some hardcore trip. So just who is this lady with all the gaudy piercings, snarkily flipping the bird at the camera?  It’s rapper Brooke Candy, who’s just been signed to RCA Records—unsurprisingly, the same label Miley Calls home.

As you can see from the pics below, Brooke Candy is just as impressive as Miley when it comes to playing to the cameras. It’s a family tradition, too. Brooke is the daughter of a proud executive in Larry Flynt’s porn empire (you know, Hustler magazine, etc.), and Brooke herself has even styled a few Hustler shoots. She also caught plenty of eyes with a co-starring role in the “Genesis” video for eclectic electronica star Grimes.

We’ve also added a video so you can see even more of how Brooke might have even influenced Miley’s recent career moves. If so, then we’re very pleased with Brooke as a good influence. If you need to see more Miley, of course, we have sexy GIFs and her 50 wildest photos. For now, though, let’s check out Brooke as a hot new property in hot pics and moving pictures…

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