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Creepy Rich Austrian Pays $500,000 to Irritate Kim Kardashian


Richard Lugner Kim Kardashian

The Vienna Annual Opera Ball is a classy affair—if you’re bringing an escort, you really ought to spring for the priciest of all.  Kim Kardashian was just the working girl for it, reportedly accepting $500,000 to accompany wealthy Austrian Richard Lugner to the ball.  But as too many ladies of the night know, some johns can be kind of sadistic.

While there’s been no mention of Lugner putting cigarettes out on Kim’s neck (which is something that happens, according to Law & Order), Dick is said to have gone out of his way to irritate his costly date. He reportedly arranged for a fellow to approach Kim pretending to be Kanye West; this all might have been in good fun had the man not been a white person in black face.  Even in Austria, that’s probably not cool.  Still, Kim took it on the chin, to a point. In reference to Kanye’s popular collaboration with Jay-Z, another gentleman—presumably, another Caucasian with a creepy accent—suggested that the orchestra perform “[Expletives] in Vienna.”  It was at this point that Kardashian excused herself in less-than-polite fashion.

Like everything Kim does—literally everything—cameras were rolling; in this instance, it was for her television program, rather than NSFW websites. So we can all look forward to watching not just the above, but also to poor Lady K getting groped by Lugner, who looks to be a mash-up of Batman’s the Penguin and the Nazi from Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Set your DVRs!

COED Writer