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Chasty Ballesteros on “Enlisted” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


Chasty Ballesteros on Enlisted

(9:00 PM EST, FOX)

Your humble See Her Tonight column has to be careful not to overdose on the enchanting Chasty Ballesteros. We usually try to take at least six months between goofing on her amazing presence–which isn’t easy, since Chasty continues to pop up on shows where we’re ogling other babes. Most recently, she popped up on Rake in the same episode where we were checking out London Elise Moore.

But now enough time has passed to dedicate another column to our favorite rising star. We’ve already gotten worked up over Chasty’s work on The League and The Newsroom, but we also want to take credit for being very early users (so to speak) of this striking gal. Much like hot actresses Gina Holden, Amanda Detner, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chasty first got our attention in a Final Destination movie. In the case of Chasty, though, we noticed her chest in a quick role as a spa receptionist in  Final Destination 5.

That scene ended in a guy’s grisly death, but at least the poor guy got to see Chasty. Even though her gorgeous presence was the set-up for a gag where he gets a fairly unattractive masseuse. Then we couldn’t avoid Chasty breaking out big in guest roles on How I Met Your Mother and Criminal Minds. More recently, she’s shown up on the Robin Williams series The Crazy Ones, and we got depraved happy over her work last year in the net series A Girl’s Guide to Depravity.

We’re not too crazy about this Enlisted sitcom, but we know that Chasty will make for a memorable episode. She’ll also show up with Ginger Gonzaga on an upcoming episode of Mixology. Chasty has a lot more happening with her work in the upcoming Star Trek: Renegades series–which will hopefully at least get her on the convention circuit so we can drool over her in person. Yeah, that’ll make her happy. Probably better for everyone to join us in adoring Chasty from afar with these fantastic photos…

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