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Olivia Wilde on “Hollywood Game Night” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Olivia Wilde on Hollywood Game Night

(9:00 PM EST, NBC)

It takes something special to keep us from checking out the Lesbian Encounter of the Week on Two and a Half Men (you’ll want to follow those links), but the See Her Tonight¬†column does occasionally invite itself to Hollywood Game Night–if, you know, Jane Lynch has invited some hot babes over to her place. We had to check out Padma Lakshmi and Rachel Bilson, and tonight’s episode has a trilogy of sexy gals. Well, Allison Janney might be more of a personal taste. We know that every guy can still get behind Christina Applegate (figuratively), and we’re always happy to have Olivia Wilde in our living rooms.

Sadly, Olivia Wilde is bringing along her stinky fianc√© Jason Sudeikis, and we have to think about them going home after Hollywood Game Night to have a Fantastic Sex Night. According to Olivia, that is. Anyway, we guess that Olivia’s career is going pretty well. It’s not like Hollywood Game Night is Hollywood Squares. Although we hear that Alice Cooper used to be on Hollywood Squares, so maybe that was cool, too.

We haven’t gotten to see much of Olivia on screen lately, except for her quick appearance in Spike Jonze’s Her. We might be seeing less of her now that Olivia’s pregnant, too. Yeah, we should’ve warned you about that earlier, but we don’t know when this Hollywood Game Night was taped. For now, let’s enjoy some vintage Olivia awesomeness–and then check out her 50 Sexiest GIFs

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