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Lara Bingle Is More Than Sam Worthington’s Girlfriend [40 PHOTOS]


We hope that you’re having a good day, because Lara Bingle needs some comforting–which makes it a great day for guys. All the gorgeous supermodel did was go to New York City from her native Australia with her boyfriend Sam Worthington, and now she’s stuck dealing with a paparazzo who got allegedly punched by Sam after the lowlife fotog allegedly kicked Lara in the foot. Even worse, now Lara is being smeared as being the Australian equivalent of Kim Karsdashian by an attorney who probably lectures himself in the mirror after he finds himself looking at pictures of bikini models.

That’s right. The photographer who filed assault charges against Worthington has hired media hound attorney Ron Kuby as his lawyer–and Kuby raced to a radio talk show to declare that Lara Bingle “is a lot like Kim Kardashian; she’s famous for being famous.”

Yeah, we hope that Kuby does more due diligence before going to court with similar claims. It’s certainly true that Lara Bingle has compared herself to Kim Kardashian–at least in terms of  having a reality show and an embarrassing romantic past involving a nude photo. Lara still earned her fame the old-fashioned way. By which we mean working her amazing bod as a model who didn’t grow up with a lot of social connections. Lara got famous by being social, though, since her big breakthrough in her native Australia was being the face of a tourist campaign back in 2006.

Lara’s a veteran of plenty of reality shows–including the Aussie Dancing With the Stars and something called Dancing With Ice–but we will not stand for Lara being accused of being some kind of Kardashian. Check out these pics of Lara, and you’ll see that she has everything that it takes to be famous for being beautiful. And if you don’t see enough bikini pics, then check out our Lara Bingle Bikini Bonanza with 78 more pics. Yes, Lara is generous, too…

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