Keri Russell Got Pretty Explicit on "The Americans" Last Night [PICS]

Keri Russell kept her promise that the new season of The Americans was going to have some very explicit sex scenes. In fact, all of that promise was confirmed last night. The former Felicity star currently plays Soviet superspy Elizabeth Jennings on the popular FX show–and we’ll remind you how that’s FX, not the Playboy Channel.  Nevertheless, Keri/Elizabeth could be seen last night engaging in simultaneous cunnilingus and fellatio with her husband. On basic cable. Which is pretty daring.
Unfortunately for our purposes, the scene was artfully done (it’s a spy drama, not a leaked Paris Hilton tape). There weren’t even any suggestive movements, nor overdubs of the kind of noises that we’re told people make during really good sex. In fact, most of the nudity featured Keri’s male costar. Our filthy imaginations will just have to fill in the blanks.
Regardless, we appreciate the precedent set by The Americans last night, and look forward to other prime time programs lowering that bar even further. Sadly, the actual Americans scene was even a bit too explicit for COED to show–but we think you’ll take some comfort with this hot Keri gallery…

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