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Ireland Baldwin Takes Sexy Selfies: Mom Won’t Approve [23 PICS]


Ireland Baldwin says she’s not a celebrity, but she sure seems to enjoy being part of celebrity culture. She’s already signed on to be a 2014 Oscars fashion reporter for TVGN Live and Entertainment Tonight. Ireland also loves to post pics of herself via Instagram and Twitter.

But nobody tell her mom about that. Kim Basinger isn’t very approving of the whole celebrity selfies thing. Or maybe just the idea of normal kids doing selfies. Here’s what Kim told Interview magazine while discussing her own modest childhood…

 I mean, if you look at this generation of selfies and selfies and selfies, it seems a little bit scary. I like to see a driven kid, somebody who wants to come from the ground up. I love to see somebody who wants to be the best they can be. I appreciate that as a human being, because you just don’t know what’s going to happen to this generation of kids.

We guess Kim has never had to worry too much about Ireland. The striking daughter was obviously born pretty far above the ground, so to speak. Ireland certainly seems to enjoy her privileged life, too. Some guys might even be a little put off by how the showbiz scion enjoys flaunting her fabulous existence–but we’ll give her credit for dressing as Wednesday Addams on Halloween.

You’ll find a pic of that amongst these other sensational selfies, because a grown-up Wednesday Addams is sexy. Just check out Christina Ricci–and these other sexy selfies from Ireland…

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