CAMPUS CRIME: Utah Students Caught Getting Stone-Cold Stoned In Igloo

Four students at the University of Utah were caught trying to get high by hiding in a makeshift igloo on campus. A security guard caught the students in a not-so-conspicuous looking igloo during a snowy night last January located in a wooded area between the school’s research park and student housing.  [Image via davidcoxon/Flickr]
Mr. Security Guard could hear voices coming from the snowy 4-foot-tall structure. More importantly, he could smell the distinct odor of marijuana. He approached the igloo and asked the students to come out–and caught one of them carrying a bag of marijuana and a smoking device. The student received two citations for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. No further criminal action was taken against the students but they could face disciplinary action from the university.
Building an igloo to get high is just about as conspicuous as you could get in this situation. The security guard was already on the look out for homeless camps set up in the area, so a 4-foot-tall igloo was probably already on his checklist. It was also so bulky and strong that they had to smash it down with a sledgehammer. Anyone could have spotted it and reported it if the security guard hadn’t happened upon their festive little drug den. They might as well have built their pot smoking hideaway next to a Chick-Fil-A with a giant sign stuck on top that flashed the phrase “Get your marijuana here! And don’t tell the cops. It’s a secret! Shhhh…” in neon lettering.

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