Michelle Rodriguez Does Nude Yoga, Cara Delevingne Takes Pic [PHOTOS]


Michelle Rodriguez Cara Delevigne 1

It’s been a while since Michelle Rodriguez officially confirmed (kind of) that she’s in a lesbian romance with Cara Delevingne–and now we’re finally started to get the photographic evidence. At least, that seems to be the case with this latest Instagram photo from Michelle Rodriguez. It has the Fast & Furious starlet doing yoga in the nude, and we’re just going to assume that Cara took the photo.

That’s not our usual hopeful imagination, either. You can follow Cara’s own Instagram account to see that she’s also visiting a tropical location–and who do you think took this pic?

Michelle Rodriguez Cara Delevigne 2

So it seems that this entire Michelle Rodriguez/Cara Delevingne lesbian romance is working out well for everybody. We’ve been anxiously awaiting some photographic evidence of the true depth of their lesbian coupling, because we’re romantics who really enjoy knowing about that kind of thing. Also, it’s been pretty frustrating that the hottest pics that we’ve had of the couple so far have been chaste moments like this moment during a Knicks game:

Michelle Rodriguez Cara Delevigne 3

According to our research, Michelle & Cara were supposed to be doing something really wild and impulsive during that Knicks game, possibly involving sex toys with remote control devices. We’ve done a lot of reading where that kind of thing happens. We know that real life can’t be so boring. We also know in our hearts that Michelle & Cara will eventually hand off the camera to a third party who can more accurately document their vacation photos together. In great detail. And a zoom lens.

Hey, we have a zoom lens, and we’d pay our own way on a vacation. We’re going to wait for our invitation–while you check out some hot Michelle Rodriguez pics, and keep hoping that Cara will keep being such a good influence on the lovely Latina…

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