“Kim Jong-un’s Hunger Games” (With Anime Jennifer Lawrence) [VIDEO]

Kim Jong Un's Hunger Games Video

The fine folks at College Humor have released their latest installment of their Adventures of Kim Jong-un cartoon series–with this one being a fine Hunger Games spoof. And by “fine,” we’re probably referring to how sexy we find the anime version of Jennifer Lawrence that shows up in the cartoon. Is that wrong? No, obviously. Every guy has wanted to see an anime Jennifer Lawrence. We just didn’t know that until now.

Anyway, it’s a lot of fun–and we always enjoy seeing how shoddy North Korean animation can be, even in a fictitious setting with cartoons put together by┬áKim Jong-un. Who certainly thinks highly of himself in both these fictional creations and in real life. In fact, it’s scary to think about how close this is to what Kin Jong-un would make himself if he had the talent. Check it out, and be grateful that you’re not a North Korea animator. It’s the South Korean animators who have all the fun…

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