Ginger Gonzaga on “Mixology” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Ginger Gonzaga on Mixology

(9:30 PM EST, ABC)

Mixology debuts tonight as something smarter in a sitcom, with an entire season covering one drunken night out for a group of beautiful young people. The big idea is kind of a mix between Friends and a really long romantic comedy at the cinema. If the show was about a drunken night for your See Her Tonight column, it’d be a mix between Lost and ER. Anyway, each episode will focus on different cast members with others in the ensemble on the peripheral–and the producers are making a pretty smart move by getting the first episode to be all about Ginger Gonzaga.

Weirdly enough, Ginger Gonzaga is probably best know for her work in commercials–including a memorable eHarmony spot where she waxes rhapsodic about peanuts and cashews. That might be a little frustrating for a gal who’s been working on screen since 2007. Ginger has plenty of ways to get famous, though. She has a following as a jazz singer in L.A., and anyone who’s seen Ginger with The Groundlings there will tell you that she has a sharp comic mind that could keep her working as a writer.

Ginger’s on a winning streak now, though. She began showing off both her sex appeal and comic skills on FXX’sLegit last year. She was also a lot of fun on the big screen in Someone Marry Barry–which barely got released a few weeks ago, but we enjoyed seeing Ginger on the big screen. We’re going to keep up with Ginger via Twitter, but you can start getting to know her in these hot pics that are probably better than any eHarmony date

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