Ellen Page To Get Even More Gay With Julianne Moore in “Freeheld”


Inception darling Ellen Page was, for the most part, lauded for publicly announcing that she was, in fact, gay.  This was not only a personal triumph for Ellen herself, but an arrow in the quiver of the LGBT movement in general. And, you know, it’s good to get behind these things. COED sure did.

However, we’re not seeing enough attention getting paid to the news that Ms. Page’s first role outside the closet will be playing Julianne Moore’s same-sex partner in the upcoming Freeheld.  The film tells the true-life tale of a police officer (Moore) who, after having been diagnosed with a terminal illness, finds herself unable to transfer pension benefits to the love she’ll inevitably leave behind (Page).  The movie should prove to be an all-around gloomy affair.

The really good news is that–even at age 54–Julianne Moore is still a fox among foxes. And she showed that she can lesbianism really well in the artsy erotic thriller Chloe, where she was seduced by Amanda Seyfried. Now we’re getting the chance for a tasteful cougar-on-kitten scene which will inspire us who’ve embraced Ellen’s sexuality. We may not be Freeheld’s target demographic, but we think a lot of guys will also be inspired to hand over a few dollars at the theatre.

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