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Margot Robbie Does Australia ELLE, Not Doing Will Smith [GIFS + PHOTOS]


Margot Robbie didn’t get an Academy Award nomination, or even an offer to present at the Academy Awards, and now she’s posing back in her homeland for the Australian version of ELLE, and we’re pretty upset with that. Although not as upset as Will Smith, who’s about to get friendzoned by the blonde beauty in the pages of the magazine.

See, that would really hurt, because that copy of ELLE will have pics of Margot looking like this….

Margot Robie Australia ELLE 2

Anyway, as the newly-minted movie star explains, there is no Margot Robbie romance going on amongst the filming of the romantic comedy Focus. There have been some rumors about some on-set dallying, but Margot explains that things were really innocent when a pic was published of the two together looking slightly disheveled….

You know what the most ironic part is? I’m wearing my costume in those shots. That bra is the top of a lace singlet I was wearing in a scene. We’d just walked right off set. We weren’t at a party, we weren’t drunk. We were at work. It was astonishing to me that what we thought were just the funniest photos could cause such a drama. Imagine if we’d actually done something wrong!

Yes, we think we will do some imagining about Margot Robbie doing something wrong. Although maybe with Jada Pinkett Smith instead of Will Smith, because we have a really good imagination. Anyway, the ELLE interview is very interesting, and so are these exciting new pics.

Now we’re just going to patiently wait to find out if Margo will be taking off her clothes a lot more in her cinematic future. We’re hoping for the best–and her description of that pic sure has us ready to focus on Focus. Until then, though, get ready to pick up that Aussie ELLE, and try focusing on these fascinating Margot Robbie GIFs…

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