Jaime Ray Newman on “Mind Games” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Jaime Ray Newman on Mind Games

(10:00 PM EST, ABC)

Mind Games debuts on ABC tonight, and it’s Christian Slater’s big chance to have four failed television series in a row. This one’s about a con man (that’s Slater) and his unbalanced brother (that’s Steve Zahn) who get revenge for people via psychological manipulating–but we mostly think that Mind Games is about Jaime Ray Newman in the cast as a con girl who’s trying to go straight by working for the duo.

We’ve gotten plenty straight over Jaime Ray Newman over the years. She seemed set for stardom when the redhead showed up in the Leonard DiCaprio/Tom Hanks film Catch Me If You Can back in 2002, but somehow ended up on the small screen for the next few years. Jaime was then sort of rediscovered with a stint on Veronica Mars in 2006, and she finally got a properly sexy role as one of the three leads in 2009’s short-lived Eastwick series–based on the Witches of Eastwick film.

Jaime also showed up as a regular on the Syfy series Eureka that year, but she soon moved on to other work–including a very splashy role on Grimm that once again reminded people of Jaime’s star power. That got her into another short-lived series called Red Widow, which we would’ve enjoyed more if Jaime had been the titular redhead. Now we’re hoping that Mind Games will keep Jaime playing in our living rooms. Check out these pics, and we’re pretty sure that your mind will start playing around, too

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