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Grandmother Called “B**ch A$$ Hoe” on Receipt (Again, Kind Of)


Burger King receipt Bitch Ass Ho

Another restaurant has been caught referring to its customers by a naughty name. This time, it happened to a sweet, old grandmother in Richmond, Virginia.

The unidentified woman told the local news that she and a relative went into a Burger King restaurant to grab some lunch at the drive-thru window and when she looked at the receipt, she noticed they referred to her by a very mean name. According to their receipt, one of the employees wrote “Bitch Ass Ho” in the customer name line. She went back into the store and confronted the manager. The manager apologized but refused to refund the meal or even give them one of those lousy cardboard crowns for their troubles.

This, of course, is just the latest in a long line of stupid waiters and restaurant and employees doing something similar to their customers in an age when it is ridiculously easy to post pictures of their handiwork on the Internet for the whole world to see. Take, for instance, the sports lounge in Stockon, California that referred to a couple of customers as “fat girls” or the Starbucks that wrote on one customer’s cup of coffee that it was reserved for “the black guy.” A Papa John’s Pizza in New York, New York referred to an Asian customer who walked in on off the street using a racial slur. A Mexican restaurant in England once wrote “Thank you little f#*&er” on a customer’s receipt.

So why are these places even entering customer’s names? That’s just looking for trouble. That never happens at Five Guys. You just get a number. And if¬†a Five Guys restaurant wants to insult somebody, management has to write an email to call them a ¬†douchebag.

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