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Lea Michele Shows Off Her Tattoo For V Magazine [PHOTOS]


Kids may be losing Glee in their living rooms, but we’re still gleeful that the series gave us Lea Michele. That has us forgiving a lot of Glee-ful crimes against society. Lea Michele has kept our interest even through the series’ most torturous twists–including COED listing her as one of the 50 sexiest Jewish female celebrities around, and ranking her with the top 20 babes we want to see in Playboy. We also included Lea as one of the Women Who Wowed in 2010. That wasn’t even a particularly good year for early Glee.

Lea Michele V Magazine 2

Anyway, Lea seems ready to get all grown up for her fans–and that includes a sensational new Terry Richardson photo shoot for V Magazine. It’s a really fine interview, too, with Lea being really outspoken about her old (and late) boyfriend Cory Monteith, and dealing with that while packaging the pop album that’s supposed to launch Lea into a post-Glee career. That involved bringing in Lea’s pal Sia Furler for a new song to address that real-life plot twist.

Lea Michele V Magazine 3

Lea also talks about doing a photo shoot for Terry Richardson, and you’ll want to see all the great pics there. You’ll have to pick up a copy of V magazine to get all the insight into how brave Lea had to get to pose for our favorite photographer. Not that Lea Michele hasn’t taken some fine pics before. Enjoy this sneak preview of Lea’s look in V, and then ogle some of our other favorite shots of the gal who still might be the biggest star to come out of Glee

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