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Erin Andrews Moves Her Bod To “DANCING WITH THE STARS” [242 PHOTOS]


It was a big shock to reality-show fans when popular presenter Brooke Burke-Charvet was fired from ABC’s Dancing With the Stars on Friday–but there’s good news for sports fans as we head into a new week. It seems that the network executives have gone back to the DWTS celeb cast to pluck a former contestant to replace Brook. Specifically, that’s notorious sports gal Erin Andrews, whose been a fan favorite since her days at ESPN.

Nowadays, of course, Erin is a big part of FOX Sports–mostly staying busy with her work covering FOX College Football. Maybe we should have seen Erin’s amazing new job coming, but we haven’t really given Dancing With the Stars a lot of thought. At least, no since Erin’s been on the show as a contestant.

We kind of like the gossipy Hollywood spin of a former Dancing With the Stars guest going on to replace Brooke Burke-Charvet, but we’re not really the gossipy types. We prefer the fun of making sure that every kind of guy is pumped up over Erin Andrews’ latest big move. Of course, she’ll still be covering sports. That’s what she does.

Erin, however, also provides some great distractions during a game–in addition to providing plenty of sharp insights. Now check out plenty of pics that show why even guys who don’t care about sports will care plenty about Erin Andrews…

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