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Emily DiDonato Turns 23, We Celebrate With 48 Sexiest Pics [PHOTOS]


Finally, we have the release of the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue behind us, and we can concentrate on other things–like the birthday of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Emily DiDonato. She’s turning 23 years old today (that being February 24, 2014) with the supreme honor of being ogled by COED (along with all the other models) while attending one of the big Swimsuit Issue parties. Emily DiDonato also has the honor of being incredibly successful at a very young age. Furthermore, COED also ogled Emily real good when she was named as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue rookie in 2013. That must’ve made her proud.

But now it’s time to celebrate Emily’s birthday with a whole new gallery of hot pics from her modeling career–which goes way back to 2008, when the 5’10” femme decided to fool around with modeling and was working for the Guess? brand by 2009. She celebrated graduating from high school by going to work for Maybelline as part of a campaign that landed her in national commercials.

Those prestigious Maybelline ads immediately made Emily a big name worthy of billing alongside gals like Julia Stegner and Christy Turlington. It seemed pretty inevitable when Emily hooked up with Victoria’s Secret by August of 2009–which, if you do the math, is just seven months after her 18th birthday. At least we’re pretty sure that’s right. Math is hard.

Anyway, we’re looking forward to many more years of checking out Emily. She’s already ranked in the Top 25 of the most highly-paid models, so there’s a lot of action to keep up with following Emily via Twitter. For now, though, follow Emily’s meteoric rise through fashion with 48 of her sexiest pics. Meteors rise, right? Astronomy is hard…

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