Azure Parsons on "True Detective" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Azure Parsons on True Detective

(9:00 PM EST, HBO)

HBO’s True Detective has kept the eyes of your See Her Tonight column busy–mostly with series regulars like Alexandra Daddario and Michelle Monaghan. At least, we’re thinking they were True Detective regulars. It’s hard to tell which characters you’re going to see again in True Detective. The acclaimed series tends to jump all over the time line. It’s still worth trying to catch up with the plot tonight, since we’re pretty sure that this’ll be your one chance to check out the alluring Azure Parsons on the show.
Azure Parsons isn’t the only big name on True Detective tonight, though–and she’s a big name by our standards, much like Lili Simmons, who we’re pretty sure this episode is marking her last appearance on the show. We’re also looking forward to seeing former Playboy Playmate Terry Moore in her role tonight, even if she was 55 years old when the former Hollywood starlet (and Howard Hughes’ ex-girlfriend) posed for Playboy back in 1984.
Anyway, really dedicated fans are about a a decade into being admiring Azure Parsons, having first noticed her in the horror film Locusts. That was back when she was billed as Azure Dawn. She was knocking around Los Angeles for a while as a New Orleans transplant who was likely to get famous in a lot of ways. Azure was an aspiring rock star and artist, and wasn’t so deep into her Goth influences that she couldn’t pass a wholesome blonde.
In fact, Azure’s early career might’ve been hampered by her resemblance to Drew Barrymore–although she’s also kind of a Christina Ricci with a normal look. She’s been billed as Azure Parsons for a while now, and seems to have really stayed busy since showing up in an episode of Castle back in 2011. We even got to see her on the big screen in a fairly flashy quick turn in 2 Guns. It’s not too surprising to see Azure getting showcased in a hot show like True Detective, and we think you’ll be truly intrigued by these pics…

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